Crafting Messages That Are Crystal Clear

My passion is helping you uncover the brilliance already inside of you.

I am an intuitive marketer who once fell face-first into the bullshit of cookie cutter, one size fits all guru marketing.

I tried several “exact strategies for success” until I finally realized that I needed to trust my own intuition. Chasing clients with other people’s strategies is always a losing battle.

Running your own business isn’t supposed to be so hard!  I help you tap into what makes you unique and we develop your own magnetic message. You'll increase your revenue doing what you love in ways that celebrate intuition and living in flow.


Crystal works one-to-one or in a small group to help you uncover your magnetic messaging strategy.

Podcast Agency

If you are launching a podcast or need help editing or marketing your podcast, Crystal's podcast agency can handle it for you!

Marketing Services

Our team provides a complete range of digital marketing services under the direction of Crystal Tosh.

Mark Yourself Safe From the BS

My co-host and I serve up one steaming pile of bullsh*t a week so you don’t fall face first into it.

If you know you were meant to be serving your audience by being your true authentic, unique self but feel like you are constantly being told you have to conform to norms and rules that literally suck the life out of you, this podcast is for you.

This podcast was created in honor of all of the #truthbombs that deserve to be brought into the light. It is time to pass the bullsh*t around, so you can get a good look at it and decide once and for all that YOUR business and YOUR life can and should run on YOUR terms.

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